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Working on motorcycles is a rite of passage.  It starts with just taking out a spark plug... next thing you know, you're splitting your flywheels.  It's a long and joyful road to get to that point, and in the past it's all been way harder than it really needed to be.  You might've been led to believe that it's impossible to learn some of these things, but the truth is that you just haven't had the right information or the right teacher.  We're here to help.  Every time you work on something, you learn something.  And it feels pretty damn good to know your bike inside and out.  


Fast Eddy Co. was created to challenge the system and set new norms for working on motorcycles.  We innovate.  We work.  We are never satisfied.  And we believe in YOU.  We provide professional quality tools and we back them up with the right instruction to empower professional technicians and driveway mechanics alike.  

All Fast Eddy Co. products are backed by a lifetime guarantee. Have questions?  We'll answer quickly.  Have concerns?  Teach us, we're all ears! Just want to have a beer and make new friends?  We're down for that too, just slide into our DM's: @ fast_eddy_co 


Fast Eddy Co. is headquartered in the hometown of harley: milwaukee, wi.  it was founded in 2018 by Chris Graves - a Former mechanical engineer for Harley-Davidson, an avid learner, and someone who likes to be dirty.  His wife, Kristin Graves, is the creative mind behind f.e. co's brand image and promotional product and apparel.  they are also the founders of the world famous Bad Moon Saloon, also here in Milwaukee 

"We love what we do and we truly appreciate your business - or even just the time to check out this website or follow us on Instagram.  Keep motorcycles and motorcycle culture alive.  Pass down a Fast Eddy Co tool to your kids.  Be confident in what you're building.   Never be afraid to reach out for help and always be kind to one another ... and don't forget to party. "  - the graves.

product and purchase inquiries:

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@fast_eddy_co | 801-580-5315

We will answer all inquiries within 24 hours

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