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The No. 40 race drivers fit all 1969 -2002 big twin crankcases.  These are for removing and replacing the timken bearing races in the LH case. They make quick work of removing old races and installing new ones.  


This style of race driver has been commonplace in your professional Harley mechanic's toolbox for many years.  But Fast Eddy Co. race drivers are far superior to the all the others. 


Traditional race drivers worked well... there were just two problems with them: 

1) the sharp lip on the tool would wear out-  Fast Eddy Co. solution:  ours are made from the best American  tool steel available, and are heat treated to reduce wear while also maintaining toughness.

2) the race drivers were clunky and difficult to get into position in the race-  Fast Eddy Co. solution:  race drivers feature strong magnets that keep them in place while you slide in the driver handle and wedge spacer.


Using these tools with magnets is truly a game changer!!!  You no longer have to try and hold them in with one hand while you slide in the driver handle.  It makes such a difference!!  Additionally, they're less likely to be seated incorectly because the magnets automatically pull them into the correct position and hold them there!

Crankcase Bearing Race Remover / Installer

SKU: No. 40
    • Includes pair of race removers / installers (2 pieces total)
    • Fits 1969-2002 big twin. 
    • Tool removes / installes timken style races in LH crankcase.
    • Warranty requires separate purchase of the No. 29 Driver Handle w/ Wedge Spacer
    • Quickly and easily removes and installs races
    • Heat treated tool steel, built to last!
    • 100% made in USA
    • Free shipping on all orders over $100
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