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An inexpensive tool that every mechanic should have.  This pair of gasket alignment screws makes your life easier.  You no longer have to fight keeping gaskets in place and rushing to install a primary cover or a cam cover before the gasket falls off.  Gone are the days of using dabs of silicone or adhesive to keep the gasket in place.  These screws hold your gasket in place, allowing you to ensure correct gasket alignment and to take your time installing the cover.  These screws also act as a guide so that the cover goes straight into place without disturbing delicate parts like a breather shim that might be hanging in place, etc.  Simply slide the cover over the screws, and then unscrew them from the outside after the cover has been installed. 

Gasket Alignment Tool

SKU: No. 38
    • Free shipping on all orders over $100
    • 100% made in USA 
    • Well-pronounced knurls mean that these can be screwed in/out with ease- no need for pliers
    • Domed tip means that you don't have to risk scratching or damaging the gasket surface on the cover
    • Works on virtually any gasket surface that has two 1/4-20 tapped holes
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