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Have you ever looked at a part and not been 100% sure you whether or not you should run it? Are those cam cover bushings a little too worn out?  What about that long oil pump bushing in my case?  I definitely don't want to change that one if I can help it.  Is my cam bearing out of spec? 


Say you have a Sportster cam cover and all the bushings seem a little worn... but you don't have a dial bore gauge that will go that small... plus there are several bushings to measure... Do you just kind of stick a cam in there and see if it wiggles?   Do you just keep running the same cam cover with the same bushings? 


This new and essential innovation from Fast Eddy Co. draws a line in the sand and allows you to be 100% certain that your bushings and bearings are within their service wear limits.  Don't just guess.  Be sure it's done right and that it's going to work for a long time.



  • No. 13:  Go/No-Go Gauge for Cam Bushing in Cam Covers.  Fits 1958-69 Big Twins.  Also fits 1949-57 big twin with updated cam - bushings that are reamed out for .8125 aftermarket replacement (standard aftermarket cam dimensions for 1948-69)
  • No. 14:  Go/No-Go Gauge for Cam Bushing in Cam Cover-  Fits 1970-99 big twin
  • No. 15:  Go/No-Go Gauge for Cam Bushing(s) in Cam Cover- Fits 1957-later XL, 1987-later Buell (XL-based), 1937-73 45ci sidevalves, 1937-48 80ci sidevalves.
  • No. 16:  Go/No-Go Gauge for Pinion Bushing in Cam Cover- Fits 1954-99 big twin, 1957-later XL, 1987-later Buell (XL-based)
  • No. 17:  Go/No-Go Gauge for Cam Bearing in Crankcase- Fits 1958-99 big twin
  • No. 18:  Go/No-Go Gauge for Oil Pump Bushing in Crankcase- Fits 1936-99 big twin


    • This item automatically ships UPS Ground or USPS Priority Mail
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