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Makes easy work of pulling off those stubborn kicker gears.  Unlike other versions out there, ours is designed to stay together when you put it back in your toolbox, saving you the frustration of having to find all the little parts that have rattled apart.  


Works on any H-D big twin 4-speed transmission with kickstart, and most aftermarket 4-speeds.

Kicker Gear Puller

SKU: No. 42
    • Allows easy removal of starter clutch (kicker gear)
    • Fits 1936-1986 big twin with kickstart.
    • Unlike others out there, this tool stays together as an assembly so you don't have to hunt down all the little parts in your toolbox because they got separated. 
    • Heat treated 4140
    • 100% made in USA
  • Free shipping on all orders over $100

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