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This is a tool that once you try it, you'll never understand why for so many years you just used a hammer and driver, or a piece of threaded rod and some nuts.  This one will change your life.  It will install neck cups into any H-D frame, and will also install new races.  This tool uses a thoughtfully-designed thrust bearing system to easily press in your neck cups.  Try it and believe it.  It might not be a tool that you use every day, but it's one that you're glad you have every time you need to use it.


Neck cups can be as much as a .004"-.006" interference fit.  That's why it takes such a big hammer when you try to install them that way.  This tool presses them in like butter and won't damage them.  Just make sure you are either:

1) Pressing cups in your frame that already have pre-installed races.

2) Or pressing new races into the cups at the same time you're pressing the cups into the frame.


Do not press the cups into your frame without their races installed.

Neck / Head Cup Installer

SKU: No. 11
    • Makes easy work of installing neck cups & races into motorcycle frames
    • Incorporates unique thrust bearing system
    • Critical components made from steel alloy that has roughly double the tensile strength of mild carbon steel. 
    • Quick-adjustable length to work with a wide variety of H-D, aftermarket, and custom made frames.
    • Comes with 2 anvils that work with all H-D neck cups that are the tapered roller bearing type.
    • Genuine Cerakote finish
    • 100% made in USA with the finest materials and craftsmanship
    • Lifetime warranty to original purchaser
    • If you have an oddball motorcycle and the anvils don't fit your cups, the adjustable lenght allows you to make extra spacers that better fit your cups.  
    • This item automatically ships UPS or USPS Priority Mail
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