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Have you ever tried to accomplish a small task on a cylinder head, but it's difficult because there's no easy way to hold it steady while you do the work?  These Cylinder Head Holding Tools are a quick and easy solution to that problem.  As long as you have a vise, you now have an easier way to hold it steady and get the work done.  

These head holders will make it much easier to:

- Lap valves

- Port & polish

- Repair threaded holes

- Scrape gaskets

- Repair fins

- Strip paint

- Cut seats (with Neway type tool)

- Most other work you need to complete


Cylinder Head Holder

    • No. 26 & No. 27 Head Holding Tools, are a fast solution to hold a cylinder head steady when doing just about any kind of work to the head. 
    • No. 26 has 12mm and 14mm ends and fits all '48-'99 big twin, all XL, and any other harley head with a spark plug that is one of these two sizes.  The No. 26 does NOT fit OEM knuckle heads.  This was mis-stated in the video.  Aftermarket knuckleheads, such as those made by S&S will fit.  But OEM knuckleheads have an 18mm spark plug size, which this tool does not fit.
    • No. 27 has 10mm and 12mm ends and fits all Milwaukee 8, all evo Sportster, Twin Cam, and any other harley head with a spark plug that is one of these two sizes.
    • Unlike other versions in the marketplace, these have a dog-point feature on the ends, which makes it much easier to avoid cross threading into the head.
    • Inexpensive, easy to use, and a valuable addition to any tool box
    • 100% made in USA
  • Free shipping on all orders over $100

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