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Sprocket Shaft Bearing Installer-

An absolute necessity when assembling any 1955-2002 big twin bottom end.  



  • Designed for effortless installation of inner and outer sprocket shaft bearings, as well as outside seal. 
  • High quality roller-type thrust bearing, which is captive inside the tool body-  no loose parts to worry about putting on correctly or misplacing
  • Handle makes this tool much easier to use than the competitive versions out there.  
  • Genuine Cerakote coating
  • 100% made in USA
  • Lifetime warranty to original purchaser
  • Optional seal adapter- presses in your sprocket shaft seal straight and true for a leak-free fit.



Step 1:  Using tool, press inner bearing onto flywheel (sprocket shaft).  

Step 2:  Place crankcase over flywheel assembly

Step 3:  Slide new inner bearing spacer onto sprocket shaft

Step 4:  Using tool, press outter bearing onto flywheel (sprocket shaft).

Step 5:  Using tool with optional seal adapter, press seal & outter spacer into crankcase


Installation notes:

- When using new bearings, be sure to use the NEW inner and outer spacer that came with the new matched set of bearings.  This will ensure the bearing endplay is correct. 

Sprocket Shaft Bearing Installer

    • This item automatically ships UPS Ground or USPS Priority Mail
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