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The flagship first product of Fast Eddy Co.  We felt like the world needed a better option when it came to valve spring compressors.  This tool is packed with innovative design features and is 100% made in America.

Valve Spring Compressor

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    • The best valve spring compressor for Harley engines- Period.
    • Stiffer and more robust design than the competition- Tools should last forever so you can pass them down to your grandchildren.
    • Handle stays in the tool, where you want it- No more annoyances with your handle falling out and hitting the ground.
    • Genuine Cerakote finish- built to last
    • Aluminum vise guards - allow you to solidly clamp this tool in your vise without worrying about your head moving around or the vise scratching the tool's beautfiful Cerakote finish.
    • Brass tip keeps from marring your valves and provides friction when positioning the cylinder head.
    • Leather friction washer allows you to independently rotate the valve cup or reposition the cylinder head- makes it easier to put in the valve keepers without dropping them.
    • Valve cup held in by ball detent, so it's easy to swap
    • Valve cup profiles are designed better than competition- fit any spring collar correctly without slippage.
    • 100% made in USA
    • Lifetime warranty to original purchaser
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